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Biodiversity Bibliography

Biodiversity Bibliography:
Ecology, Economics and Policy

With help from Nancy Bergeron, Michael Jaspin, Daniel Kramer, Christian Langpap, Steve Pavich, Christian Vossler

Dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Szentandrasi

Welcome to the biodiversity bibliography. We have found it useful to collect these references for our own work and we are glad to share our efforts with others. This bibliography contains approximately 4000 references on various aspects of biodiversity and conservation. No pretense is made of complete coverage of all the relevant literature. Certain areas that closely match our interests are well covered (e.g., various aspects of economics, reserve site selection) while other topics are not.

The bibliography uses Procite bibliographic software, which allows web-users to conduct searches using a general word search in all indexed fields (such as author and year) on the initial search page. Users can also search all non-indexed fields (such as title and abstracts) using the advanced search feature. Recent articles have abstracts included. Many older articles do not. All articles either have abstracts or are keyed to a set of categories, which can be accessed using keywords. A list of these keywords is given below. If you would like a pdf file containing all the articles within a keyword category, please select the links below.

We welcome your input and suggestions. If you have references you would like us to add, suggestions or question, please send them to Daniel Kramer ( It would be most helpful when sending references to send them in one of the following formats: a Procite format; MEDLARS; or RIS (Research Informations System).

Agriculture and Range Area Case Studies Biodiversity and Evolution
Bioeconomic Modeling Climate Change Conservation Policy
Corridors Diversity and Ecosystem Function Ecology
Ecotourism Encyclopedia of Biodiversity Endangered Species Act
Environmental Ethics Exotic Species Extinctions
Forest Management and Deforestation General Biodiversity Conservation General Biology
General Economics Genetic Prospecting Human Activity and Biodiversity
Incentives, Property Rights, and Policy Instruments International Treaties and Conventions Investment Under Uncertainty and Option Value
Island Biogeography Land Use Landscape Ecology
Law Marine and Freshwater Biodiversity Measures of Species Diversity and Systematics
Metapopulations and Patch Dynamics Parks and Reserves Patterns of Species Diversity, Survey Methods, and Species Inventories
PVA and MVP Renewable Resources Harvesting Reserve Selection and Gap Analysis
Valuation Methods, Values, and Benefit-Cost Analysis Value of Ecosystem Services  



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Last updated: February, 2002

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