William F. Lazarus

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Farm Machinery Management

Machinery Cost Estimates (pdf)
updated in June, 2014.

Farm Machinery Economic Cost Estimation Spreadsheet (MACHDATA.xlsm)
Download the MS Excel spreadsheet template (contains macros and requires Excel 2007 or later. You will be asked to provide your contact information.) See also two short videos - an orientation to the spreadsheet, and more information on the calculations behind the Power Units table and the Implements table. Note: two sizes of chopping corn heads were added to the Implements database on 2/26/14.

Repair Cost Calculator (REPAIRCOST.xls) Download the MS Excel spreadsheet template.
Download a Forage Focus article about the repair cost calculator. Download Paper (REPAIR_CHECK.pdf)

Manure Application Economics (This link takes you to the MANURWKST.XLS spreadsheet, news releases, PDFs of presented papers, Powerpoint slide sets, hand worksheets, and Excel spreadsheets on Bob’s website).

Machinery Resources in Other States

Oklahoma Custom Rates

Iowa State Resources

North Dakota Custom Rates

Wisconsin Resources


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